About Owen

I am an artist blacksmith and bladesmith, but also an engineer, welder and coppersmith!

I work by forging, welding and fabrication. I have worked as an engineer for television programmes, most notably Scrapheap Challenge, but also on other programmes doing special effects and pyrotechnical work. I have made steel from iron and poo for Bang Goes The Theory , forged a sword for The Fight Book and was a weapons expert for The Bone Detectives.

The work I do encompasses the making of artistic forged metalwork including beds, railings and architectural features and sculptures, including most of the big sculptural pieces on the Scrapheap Challenge heap.

As a contract welder I have done big structural welding and weld in steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium, using TIG, MIG and MMA (as well as forge welding when my smith’s hat is on). I also have licences for HGV2, hi-ab and telehandler work .

I enjoy the many facets and challenges of working metal in all its forms, my passion however is the forging of patternwelded Damascus steel and the making of knives and swords.

I forge multi-core patternwelded blades in a “modern Viking style” and find the challenges in making and using this material very rewarding. Some of my best work is put into the blades I make.

In 2008 I opened a school of blacksmithing and bladesmithing. I have always loved the hot working of metal and look forward to passing my knowledge on to students.

My motto is

Forging Soul into Steel

My forge in Welling, Kent is a well-equipped smithing shop with power hammers, press, linishers, heat treat kilns, and forges.

The Smithing School has 6 stations and is equipped with coke forges and gas forges as well as a grinding room for blade grinding.

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