Dane Axe 280

Dane Axe 280

Hand forged from a solid billet of EN9 steel using the punch and drift method. Differentially hardened and double tempered.

This is a medium weight Dane axe showing a slight beaked beard (a homage to some of the axes from the Baltic area) the axe has an ash handle which has not been blackened.

Materials: EN9 Steel, Ash.

It measures 9.5 inches from front to back and 8.5 inches along the edge.

The handle is 58 inches long and made of ash.

Overall weight is 3lb 11oz. The head weighs just under 2lb.


Price £350 (plus postage)

A similar head to this without the handle would cost in the region of £240

For purchasing and information please email: owen@owenbush.co.uk

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Owen and Dane Axe 280

You must be over 18 to purchase any item from this website.

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