From Ore to Knife

ore to knife 4015A Journey Through Making Steel !

7 day class covering the process of smelting iron and steel, consolidating the bloom down and making a finished knife out of the materials.










This is possibly my most challenging class to date, both for myself & the students !

This 7 day class will take you through the process of making a knife starting out with iron ore and ending up with a finished handled knife.

We will spend 2 days smelting, running a smelt the first day from a pre built Saxon style smelter and building another furnace to be run on the second day, any of the bloomery material made will be divided up between the students for consolidation.


We will then spend 2 days consolidating the bloomery material, sorting the high carbon from the low and forge welding and amassing bar stock. The bar stock will be shared between the people attending the class.


From this stock we will shape our knives by forging and grinding the blades and fitting simple handles.

We will aim to each end up with a small kitchen/general use knife or seax.

This is a rare chance to make yourself a very unusual thing –  a knife made absolutely from scratch, literally from rock to finished knife!

Safety equipment is provided  for all the classes but please ensure that you have non-flamable clothing and sturdy shoes (preferably leather).
No shell suits or fleeces !

Dates 2017

17th – 23rd July 2017 – places available


The price of this week long course is £1100

To secure a place on this course please send a 50% deposit  …….  £550

Payment via Paypal, bank transfer.

Please read the terms & conditions before Booking a course


I normally schedule my classes 6 months ahead so if you are interested in this class later on in the year please enquire as I most probably have future dates that are not yet on the website.




Please add your name to the mailing list to receive information on new blades and courses at Bushfire Forge. We never pass on your information to anyone else.







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