Kitchen Knives For Sale

These Kitchen Knives are hand forged by Owen Bush at his forge in Welling, Kent .

He uses the finest steels and natural handle materials to forge all his knives top rated grill covers by hand, one at a time. The unique damascus patterns folded and twisted into the blades mean that no two knives are ever the same. Beautiful one-off creations to grace your kitchen and last a lifetime.

Also, if you fancy having a go at forging your own kitchen knife have a look at my

3 Day Kitchen Knife Making Class !

Kitchen Knife 421

Large Kitchen Knives (8″ and above) £220 – £800

Kitchen Knife 477

Medium Kitchen Knives (5″ – 8″) £160 – £400

4%22paring knife 554

Small Paring Knives £230

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