FORGE IN – MAY 18th, 19th & 20th 2018

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Welcome to the BushFire Forge ‘Forge – In 2018’


May 18th,19th & 20th to be held at :


BushFire Forge on the Kent /London Border UK


3 Days of demonstrations, lectures and forging etc.


Demonstrations and Lectures by: (more information soon)


Jeff Helmes – Canada

Paul Macdonald – Scotland

Grace Horne – Sheffield, England

Demonstration – Seamless leather box and sheath making.  Talk  –  “Combining scissors and knives and their different technical issues demands.”    Grace will also be set up as a ‘scissor maker in residence’

Alec Steele – England

Dave Roper – England

Talk/Demo – Decoration of Anglo Saxon pommels and hilt fittings – Pressblec foil production, beaded wire production and other small scale Anglo saxon art and craft used. Decoration of Anglo Saxon pommels and hilt fittings

James Elmslie – Scotland

Talk  “Falchion, Messer and Tasak, the Single-edged arms of medieval and renaissance Europe”

Blenheim Forge – England

Owen Bush – England



There will also be a chance to have a go at forging using the school facilities.

These are friendly international events are a great way to meet some of the worlds best Bladesmiths and tap into a wealth of information that you would be hard pushed to find elsewhere on the planet !

Forge-In Price : £150

(this includes attendance to the 3 day forge-in.  Accommodation and your daily food is not included but there is a limited amount of crash space. For details about accommodation please contact us on the email below.)

For more info please


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