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Commonly known as the  Viking Blacksmith’s knife, this knife is is also known as a Viking Knife, Blacksmith’s Knife and also a Viking Lady’s knife. I have based the design of these blades upon some iron age bog find knives from Denmark, having altered the shape a little from the original to make them more ergonomic and feel good in the hand.

The knife and handle are forged from one piece of steel. I have forged these knives to feel good in the hand, rendering them a neat and useful little side knife as well a reliable using tool.

The blades are hardened and double tempered and the handles left unhardened and resilient.

I forge these blades from the offcuts of my hand forged swords so in some sense, although they are a small knife they are the sons and daughters of my swords

All these knives come with a snug fitting sheath made from whet molded oak tanned leather.

Knife 310


Materials: EN9 (1050) steel.

Hand forged from EN9 (1050) that are the offcuts from my bladesmithing classes and axe making . The blades are differentially hardened and around 2 3/4 inches long and the handles are forged to a curve to fit the hand. These knives are left with a polished forged finish.

I have made a small batch of knife 310 so the knife you receive may differ slightly from the knife pictured above. I have done this to keep the price of this knife affordable.

Price  £115 including sheath (plus postage)     Price without sheath £105 


Knife 400

Viking blacksmiths knife 400

Materials: 15N20 and 1080 steel.

These blades are forged from twisted bars of 15N20 and 1080 steel, offcuts from forging patternwelded swords and seaxes.

The blade is roughly 4.5 inches long.

I have made a small batch of these knives so the knife you receive may differ slightly from the ones pictured.

Price  £160 including sheath (plus postage) ALL SOLD

Please enquire for others

(available without sheath for £10 less)


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