Resources & Links

British Blades
Don Fogg Bladesmiths Forum
Sword Forum International

Axminster Tools
Cromwells Engineering Supplies

Hydrafeed,  suppliers of vanco flexyband linisher (like mine)
Radius master (Australia)
KMG (U.S.A.)
Bader (USA)  Maker of the Ali grinder.

Johnt1102 on British Blades;  the cheapest and best belt supplier (mention I sent you)

Graham Oxley tool steel   en42 en 45 cs70 cs80 en9
Acton bright steel en9
George H. Cook W2 and 300 and 400 stainless steel
West Yorkshire tool steel
Mick Maxen supplies pre-cut 20c and 15 & 20 ready to make billets
Nordel Knives  supplies pre cut 15n20 and En42J  supplies pre cut 15n20 and En42J

Alpha insulation (Yorkshire)

Type K inconel (3 to 6mm )

Gas Forges
Swan gas forges

Antiscaling Compound for heat treating

Ian Allen-Rowlandson


LINKS TO WEBSITES WHICH MAY BE OF INTEREST over 400 photos of my work the best website for UK knifemaking and collecting. Don Fogg’s website bladesmiths forum loads of great knife info from over the pond (show and tell has some amazing work) Jake Pownings site. Some of the best blade work out there. British Artist Blacksmiths association site The website of Howard Clark; master bladesmith who ran a sword class at Bushfire Forge in April 2010 Dave Rawlings To-Ken society of Great Britain. Japanese sword collectors society. Resource for historical arms & armoury collectors (Lots of incredibly good info on swords etc on this site) Blacksmithing website. Good for power hammers and metal bashing.

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