Dwarven Hunting Knife (606)

Dwarven huynting knife 606


In our discussions and musings, Petr and myself tend to think of our work as that of the Dark Elves (from the Nordic heritage) or Dwarves (from the world of JRR Tolkien)

Working magic and craftsmanship together with the raw stuff of nature, these mythical artisans forge the weapons of legend for the gods and for mortal heros.

The knife blade is made by me and the handle, sheath and fittings are made by Petr Florianek (Gullinbursti)

Dwarven hunting knife 606 detail

A Dwarven hunting knife


As we look Back it is always hard to tell if such a knife was made for a Dwarven Hero or for a Hero of Men, often these details are lost in the mists of time and imagination. Either way this is a stout stedfast and robust knife (certainly Dwarven made) perfect for heroic undertakings, expeditions in search of gold and adventures beyond the realms of men.

“If hunting Warg, or tracking Dragons,a stout knife is always a benefit. Keen of edge , a true stroke struck will not be repelled by the stoutest hide. But after the adventuring is done and mead is flowing. When the fire is sizzling with aromas , the hunters legacy roasting….Then tales are told and knives passed around the hall, adornment , edge and jewel reflected glittering in the firelight. The deeds of the day become bigger , wolves become wargs and tall tales become legends.


This 12” bladed knife is forged from 4 bars of patternweld, there is wrought iron on the spine and 2 bars of 5 later twisted steel. The edge is 300 layers of folded damascus steel, the swirls in the pattern showing the multitude of hammer striked used to forge the blade. The knife adorned with carved brass and antler, silver and garnet. Fierce beasts are carved into the handle and a Dragon writhes carved amidst the brass and garnets.

Dwarven hunting knife 606 stedfast Toggle detail

Materials: Vintage wrought iron, 15N20 carbon steel and CS80 carbon steel.

Antler, Brass, Leather, Silver and Garnet.

Dwarven hunting knife 606 in sheath

The knife weighs 1lb 10oz and the point of balance is 2” into the blade.

Blade is 12” long and just over 2”wide.


Price £1950 ( plus postage)


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