Viking Knife 601

This is a hand forged 4 bar viking knife blade.

Constructed from vintage wrought iron at the spine, then a bar of 9 layer twist layer and then anotherlayer of wrought iron. Finally there is a 160 layer folded carbon Damascus steel at the edge.

The blade is 11.5 inches long,  1 3/8″ wide and 4.6mm thick.

The knife weighs 412 g.

The handle is made from walnut antler and brass. It has a handy thong at the back to aid with withdrawing the blade.

The Viking style sheath is made from vegetable tanned leather, copper and brass and has a leather thong to attach it to your belt. Both the handle and sheath have been made by Jacek Robotka in Yorkshire.

Price £850 plus postage

For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.

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