Damascus Bladed Dane Axe Ref:724

This damascus Edged Dane axe is forge welded up from two billets of steel, The body of the axe is forged from one piece of mild steel which has has the eye hole punched into it The edge steel is 300 layers folded and forge welded around the blade body making 600 layers at the edge. The pattern in the damascus is formed when the hammering used to make the axe pushed layers beneath each other, the process of the making is written in the steel!

The axe edge is thicker than the material behind it keeping strength at the edge but the weight down.

Damascus bladed Dane axe modelled after the great Viking battle axes used during the Viking invasions of Britain.

  • Dimensions: blade edge 7.5 inches, edge to poll 8 inches, handle 3 ft 10 inches
  • Axe head material: edge 15N20 and Cs80 steel, body Mild steel
  • Axe handle material: flame blackened ash

Cost: £1100 plus p&p

For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.

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