Dane Axe

Dane Axe (£760 – £850)

Materials: mild steel, forge welded steel edge wrap and ash handle.

The Dane axe was one of the predominant weapons of the Viking age. This axe is forged with a body made from mild steel. The eye is formed by punching and drifting then a steel edge is then forge welded around the axe blade. This forms a thickened edge making the edge stronger while keeping the over all weight of the axe down.

The axe is oil hardened and tempered and comes sharp.

The head is fitted to the 5 foot blackened ash handle with wood and steel wedges.

I forge these axes in small batches so there may be small differences in between one axe and another. I am also very happy to make axes to commission or to make a lighter or heavier axe head.

Two-handed Viking Age Dane Axe

  • Dimensions: blade edge 9 inches,  edge to poll 8.5 inches,  handle length 5 ft
  • Head weight 2lbs.
  • Materials: Mild steel, En42 steel, blackened ash handle

Cost : £760 Head only

£850 with handle

Plus p&p

For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.

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