Viking Hawk

Viking Hawk (£160 – £175)

These one handed axes are based on some of the smaller axes from the Viking age. they make a great camp axe or kindling axe  . The 21″ handled axe is also a great size for throwing.

These axes are forged by bending a mild steel body to form the eye, then a steel bit is then inserted into the edge of the axe and the whole thing forge welded together, this is known as the bowtie method.
The head is friction fitted to the blackened hawk handle by hammering the handle through the eye from the top until it binds tight (tomahawk fit) and the axe is available with two handle lengths .

I forge these axes in small batches so there may be small differences in between one axe and another. I am also very happy to make axes to commission or to make a lighter or heavier axe head.

Single-handed Viking Hawk

  • Dimensions: blade edge 4 inches,  edge to poll 5.5 inches,  handle length 21 or 30 inches
  • Head weight: Approx 14 ounces
  • Materials: Mild steel, En42 steel, Ash or hickory handle

Cost :  £160  – 21 inch handle

Cost : £175 – 30 inch handle

Plus p&p

For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.


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