Twisted Damascus Viking Tomahawk 634

This Viking style tomahawk is forged from a Bar of twisted Damascus steel ( made by myself) this has been folded round and joined back to its self . This method of construction is call a bow tie weld and is a very old traditional way of making an axe. There is an En42J carbon steel edge insert. The pattern in the damascus is formed by twisting a bar of 9 layers of different steels, every half twist pulls the edge and face of the bar across the blade of the axe, the process of the making is written in the steel! I have deeply etched this axe so as to make it look like the axes I see in the museum of London and British museum….as if it has been buried in river silt for 1000 years but is still good to use.

This axe would make a great camp axe and would be suitable for many woodcraft chores e.g. splitting wood and tomahawk throwing !

The 19.5 inch handle is made from hickory and is fixed into the head tomahawk style with the handle hammered into the head from above. This method makes the axe easy to dismount and the handles easy to replace if you should break them.

The handle is 19 inches, the head is 4 3/4 inches front to back and 4 1/4inches along the edge.

The head weighs 9oz and the overall weight of the axe is 15oz.

Materials : 15N20 carbon steel En42 Carbon steel , handle is hickory.

Price £290 + P&P.

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