Forging The Patternwelded Seax

5 Day Class covering the Forging & Handling of a Patternwelded Seax.

Example of a pattern welded Staffordshire Seax


The patternwelded seax has become a specialty of mine. I have spent a lot of time getting to know the form and function of these distinctive Saxon knives.


Patternwelded Seaxes











On this 5 day class you will :

Make up a 3 bar seax billet using twisted bard and folded bars  of pattern welded steel,   2 layers of twisted steel giving the distinctive chevron patterns of the anglo saxon seax and  and then high layer piled steel (damascus steel) at the edge.

Work the steel by hand and  under the power hammer to forge the twisted and folded billets.

Our seax billet will be assembled and forge welded into a blade billet.

The billet will then be forged and ground to shape, heat treated and polished. The blade is then etched to reveal the beautiful patterns within the steel.

Finally a handle will be shaped and fitted to the blade using the hot tang method of burning the handle in. The blade will then be secured with cutlers’ resin, a traditional form of pitch glue.

Safety equipment is provided for all the classes but please ensure that you have non-flammable clothing and sturdy shoes (preferably leather).
No shell suits or fleeces !





NEW DATE  for 2019 !

To be anounced lease enquire for dates.


Course Price : £1100


To secure a place on this course please send a 50% deposit  of…….£550

Payment via Paypal, bank transfer.

Please read the terms and conditions before Booking a course


I normally schedule my classes 6 months ahead so if you are interested in this class later on in the year please enquire as I most probably have future dates that are not yet on the website.




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