Damascus Kitchen Knife 570 (7″)

6%22 kitchen knife 570


This kitchen knife with a 7 inch blade is made up from 120 layer random pattern Damascus. The pattern on the blade is made up from individual hammer blows that have pushed some of the layers in the steel beneath other layers. Each blade ends up with a unique pattern individual like a fingerprint and tells the story of the forging that went into the blade.
During the forging the blade is drawn out into a gradual taper, making a blade that is thin near the tip and retains some of its thickness where it meets the handle, this leads to a much better balanced blade.

The handle is burl walnut, cow horn and buffalo horn.

Materials: 15 N 20 Carbon Steel and 1080 Carbon Steel, Burl Walnut and cow horn, Buffalo Horn.

Blade length is 7 inches long, just over 1.5 inches wide and 2.6mm thick at the handle.

The knife weighs 90 grams.

Price £360 (plus postage)

I offer a guarantee against faulty manufacture for the lifetime of the knives. This does not cover abusive use of the knives or wear and tear. The handle materials on these knives are natural and as such, must be looked after. These knives will not respond well to being left soaking in a sink or (and it pains me to even think of it) put in a dishwasher. I would consider both of these actions as knife abuse. Use them, clean them, dry them and they will remain beautiful for years to come.

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