Special Kitchen Knives (one off and extra large)

This is a page for some of my specially forged damascus kitchen knives.  I love to play around with creating new damascus patterns and these Kitchen knives are the perfect canvas for this. These knives take their influences from early romano-celtic as well as the saxon and viking patternwelding. I love the thought that some of the patterns may not have been created in 2000 years and that some of them have never been seen before! These are my attempts at following the muse wherever it may lead! These are truly one of a kind knives and are not made to a pattern each one being completely individual, forged without a template.

Twisted Kitchen Seax 636

Lordly Saxon Kitchen Knife 633 (£1,450)

Feather Pattern Kitchen Knife 634 (£580)

Helter Skelter Kitchen Knife 635 (£580)

Feather Kitchen Knife 622 (£920)

13″ Ophelia’s River Damascus Kitchen Knife 630 (£800)

10″ Ophelia’s River Damascus Kitchen Knife 627 (£530)

Damascus Kitchen Knife 626 extra large (£720)

Kitchen Camp Damascus Knife 629 (£720)

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