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Owen made Robert the Bruce’s Battle Axe and a lot of the axes and spears in the battle scenes .



A video shot for Northern Ireland Tourism in association with Game of Thrones.


Introducing Northern Ireland’s own Valyrian Steel kitchen knives. Combining metal from a meteorite with obsidian (aka dragon glass) from a volcano, and forging them together in the hottest fires on Earth, a master craftsman has brought the mythical Game of Thrones steel to life in ‪#‎NorthernIreland‬‪#‎GOTterritory‬ Ireland.com/GameofThroneshttp://bit.ly/1XGnjLm


Owen on BBC Four Handmade



Interview yesterday (16th March 2014) on Radio 2 with Simon Mayo regarding sword-making and the late, great Terry Pratchett.


17:55 – 22:30 minutes


Owen has recently been on BBC4  – Castles: Britain’s Fortified History. Watch the clip below for a taster :



And also on George Clark’s Amazing Spaces on the 4th Decemberon Channel 4 to see myself and Mick Maxen smelting .



Take a look at the New Kettle Chips advert for this year and me and a group of fellow craftsmen making cool things !



I was delighted to have been involved in the  Channel 5 series of BEAT THE ANCESTORS. The first programme was shown on Channel 5, Sunday (24th February 2013) at 18.10 and I am one of the engineers.  Here is a trailer for the first episode

For all our Australian friends,  they can catch up on a  on SBS ONE player.

 Dick Strawbridge challenges a team of engineers to re-create some of history’s most impressive devices, using 21st-century knowledge and techniques to improve them.

On Show 1 you will see me casting a Bronze Cannon and making a medieval battery powered electric ignition system.

I’ll add more info as I get it. There is lots of metal bashing, welding, casting etc mixed in with historic weaponry and engineering.

A number of people have expressed an interest in what other TV work I have done
so here is a list of the programmes I have been involved in:-

SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE: Series 6, 7 and 8  I made a lot of the sculptures in the “heap” including the starting gong Phoenix, rockets & robots.   According to Wikipedia, series 4 was in 2001 !

SCRAPHEAP CHALLENGE:  Series 9, 10 & 11.  I was lucky enough to be
an engineer on these series. It was nothing short of a life changing job.  Lots of hands-on work on the machines  as diverse as Treboujet to jet engines and I stood in for the “supermodels” as a team member.

(2008)  RICHARD HAMMOND’S ENGINEERING CONNECTIONS:  episode Airbus A380 –  I was one of the engineers and had the pleasure of dropping a piano from a crane, and firing chickens through a plane windshield.

 BONE DETECTIVES:  “Warlord of Bamburgh Castle”  Weapons expert.  We had fun putting boiled leather armour to the test against spears, swords & seax

(2008)  PLANET MECHANICS:  with Jem Stansfield and Dick Strawbridge .
Constructed a wave powered generator in Ireland.

DAM BUSTERS:   I was one of the engineers  and helped make and fire a nitrogen cannon for testing bouncing bombs.

(2010)  BANG GOES THE THEORY:  Making steel from iron and poo with Jem

(2011)  MEDIEVAL FIGHT BOOK:  Forging a Talhoffer long sword

(2011)  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S “ SECRETS OF THE LOST GOLD: WELDING A SAXON SWORD Making a  patternwelded Staffordshire Hoard seax

(2011)  SECRETS OF THE BLOODY TOWER:  Forging the executioners axe from the Bloody Tower

(2012) INSTRUMENTS OF DEATH:   Dane Axe forging (Episode 3) “The Norman
Invasion: The Battle of Hastings 1066”

METAL HOW IT WORKS   Forging nails and a blade


I have helped out on many other TV shows making props and as a consultant with regard to filming historic forging including recently smelting copper for THE GENIUS OF INVENTION.

I also forged 9 inch nails that were the murderous props for WAKING THE DEAD and made metal shark jaws for the BBC in 2008 for the programme “SHARK”


I have a good understanding of what is needed when working with  television. Having worked both behind the camera and also in front on numerous projects. My specialist fields are Historic weaponry Blacksmithing , steel making (smelting) and engineering.

I am happy to work in development & consultancy both in front of and behind the camera. If you have any TV projects that need a smith, weapons expert or engineer please feel free to contact me.



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