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Axminster power tools and Cromwells are great places to get a very wide range of tools from.
Axminster Tools
Cromwells Engineering Supplies


Belt grinders are probably the most important tool in a bladesmithing workshop. there are a plethora of cheap (for what they are) “home made” grinders on ebay in the UK. I would treat them with caution. Profesionaly made grinder are not cheap. Search for linisher, belt grinder, belt sander, second hand linishers casn be good value.

remember that 2 by 72″ is an american sized grinder and grinders come in all sizes .I use 50mm by 1220, 1525 ,2000 and 3450. belts can be made up to any size.

I have had a Goset  G20 pro grinder on loan in the school since November, it is the best made grinder I have used to date and the only bladesmithing grinder of a professional quality being made in Europe (very positive tracking, CE approved and most importantly guarded). I can whole heartedly recommend one.

Goset grinders



Furnival steel is my main steel supplier, phone Andy on 01246855589, great to deal with sells 15n20 , en42, En42J, cs80, cs90 en9 en8 and loads more. Steel is sold in industrial lengths so do not expect to get small pieces , 5m and 7m bars and 1m sheets…  supplies pre cut 15n20 and En42J  supplies pre cut 15n20 and En42J

Alpha insulation (Yorkshire)

Type K inconel (3 to 6mm )

Gas Forges
Swan gas forges

Antiscaling Compound for heat treating

Ian Allen-Rowlandson


LINKS TO WEBSITES WHICH MAY BE OF INTEREST over 400 photos of my work the best website for UK knifemaking and collecting. Don Fogg’s website bladesmiths forum loads of great knife info from over the pond (show and tell has some amazing work) Jake Pownings site. Some of the best blade work out there. British Artist Blacksmiths association site The website of Howard Clark; master bladesmith who ran a sword class at Bushfire Forge in April 2010 Dave Rawlings To-Ken society of Great Britain. Japanese sword collectors society. Resource for historical arms & armoury collectors (Lots of incredibly good info on swords etc on this site) Blacksmithing website. Good for power hammers and metal bashing.

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