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Welcome to the Bushfire Forge School of Smithing.

I run classes in Bladesmithing (knifemaking), Swordsmithing , Axe Making and Pattern Welding (Damascus Steel) . I am happy to teach  beginners and more experienced smiths. The school, which opened in January 2008 is fully equipped for between 4 and 10 students (dependant on class), providing quality tuition in bladesmithing.

I have always been passionate about the hot forging of metal. It is an amazing thing that a material so hard can be formed so exactly and artistically. The ability to forge steel has been fundamental in mans development.

The courses concentrate on hand work with a lot of time spent with a hammer over the anvil. I am not however, adverse to the use of modern methods and tools where appropriate. We use modern gas forges to get the most out of our time and the steel.

I approach the subject of bladesmithing and knife-making in a very contemporary manner and intend to add a current perspective to creating man’s oldest tool. The courses are run using appropriate carbon steels (no using up of old files here!). There is a grinding room for the grinding of blades as well as up to date heat-treating facilities.


I teach bladesmithing (knife making) and damascus making for private groups and am happy to schedule dates to fit your requirements. Please email me for details.

GIFT VOUCHERS ALSO AVAILABLE  –  please contact Owen here.

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