Misty Mountain Seax


This seax is the latest collaboration between myself and Petr Florianek.

A dwarven seax. I made the 3 layer blade with a steel core and wrought iron skin. Petr carved it and made the carved handle and sheath. I think this is my favorite collaboration piece so far. It’s a really wonderful knife. Evocative and full of unwritten stories.

The blade is engraved in runes that read,

“Far over the misty mountains cold,

To dungeons deep and caverns old,

We must away,

‘Ere break of day,

To claim our long forgotten gold.”

9.5 inch blade wrought iron and 1095 steel, handle is holm oak antler bronze and filigree silver with garnets. Sheath is leather bronze and garnet.

£1950 + postage.

You must be over 18 years old to purchase an item from this website we will require proof of age before purchase of any knife, axe, sword or seax.


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