Viking Knife 601

This is a hand forged 4 bar viking knife blade.

Constructed from vintage wrought iron at the spine, then a bar of 9 layer twist layer and then anotherlayer of wrought iron. Finally there is a 160 layer folded carbon Damascus steel at the edge.

The blade is 11.5 inches long,  1 3/8″ wide and 4.6mm thick.

The knife weighs 412 g.

The handle is made from walnut antler and brass. It has a handy thong at the back to aid with withdrawing the blade.

The Viking style sheath is made from vegetable tanned leather, copper and brass and has a leather thong to attach it to your belt. Both the handle and sheath have been made by Jacek Robotka in Yorkshire.

Price £850 plus postage


For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.

You must be over 18 years old to purchase an item from this website we will require proof of age before purchase of any knife, axe, sword or seax.

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