Damascus Arming Sword 620

Damascus Arming Sword

Here we have this Knightly Arming sword with a 320 layer random pattern damascus blade. The blade is forged from 320 layer random pattern damascus (made by myself ).

The blade pattern is developed by the individual hammer blows that went into making it. The blade guard and pommel are all forged to shape before being ground and finished and the guard and pommel aremade from the same 320 layer steel as the blade. The pommel is forge welded from 3 pieces making it hollow which allows for a slightly bigger pommel and keeps the weight down. The handle is a wood core with twine bindings and then a leather wrap.

Materials : Blade – 15N20 carbon steel, CS80 carbon steel and pommel leather wrapped over wood for the handle.

Blade length is 26.5 inches long, 2inches wide & over all length is 33 inches .

The sword weighs 2lb 9oz with a point of balance 3 inches into the blade and feels quite lively in the hand.

Price £2,900 + postage & packing. If you would like a scabbard made for this sword I can recommend a good maker to you.

For purchasing and information please contact Owen .

You must be 18 or over to purchase this sword and if you are purchasing from the UK I will need to see some form of ID to prove that this is the case.


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