FYRDRACASLAGA (Fire Dragon Slayer)


A Dwarf made hero’s sword for slaying fire dragons.


In our discussions and musings, Petr and myself tend to think of our work as that of the Dark Elves (from the Nordic heritage) or Dwarves (from the world of JRR Tolkien)

Working magic and craftsmanship together with the raw stuff of nature, these mythical artisans forge the weapons of legend for the gods and for mortal heros.


The sword blade is made by myself and the handle, sheath and fittings are made by Petr Florianek (Gullinbursti)


The sword blade is forged with eleven bars of steel, 3 fine twisted layers and 4 pin stripes along with two bold twisted star bars and high layer random pattern at the edge. The pattern plays with the juxtaposition between bold pattern and the finer flowing patterns of the edge. The stars patterns are set like jewels to catch a dragons eye…..come closer….come closer…..

The blade has a shallow lenticular section.

The guard and pommel are made in bronze (tin bronze) the style is dwarven. The pommel shows ancestor rage face and the guard has dragons to ward off evil.

Runes of the pommel ferrule say ‘OWEN’ and ‘GULLI’, short for the Nordic Mythical Golden Boar Gullinbursti which is Petr’s avatar. Runes of the guard ferrule say ‘FYRDRACASLAGA’ (Fire dragon slayer)

This is repeated on the strap on the scabbard. The scabbard is linden (lime wood). It is wool lined and covered in linen and then leather. There are bronze dragon heads and wrought iron fittings The rondell on the scabbard is Elk antler with a wyrm carving, there is a single garnet for its eye.

The sword weighs 3lb 6oz and the point of balance is 14cm into the blade.

Blade is 76.5 cm long and 6.5 cm wide at the hilt.

Sword overall length is is 92cm.

The sword feels powerful and purposeful.

The sword is £6,500 including the sheath. (excluding post and packaging)




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