Roman short sword.

This is a 20” bladed Roman Gladius .

The blade is patternwelded in a romanoceltic pattern with lines running up the middle and a 200 layer edge that is welded at the tip. The handle is made from boxwood and the guard and pommel are walnut with brass fittings (and a couple of copper rivets on the peening block.)

The scabbard is brass and decorated pewter over a poplar core and has been made by Tod from Tod’s Stuff.

Materials : 15N20 carbon steel, EN42J carbon steel, box wood, walnut brass copper , the sheath is popler, brass and pewter.

Blade length is 20” long, 2 ¼ “ wide over all length is 28.5” .

The sword weighs 1lb 15oz with a point of balance 4 inches into the blade.

Price £2500 + postage and packing.

gladius tip gladius steel gladius handle gladius scabbard gladious scabard2

You must be 18 to purchase this sword and If you are purchasing from the UK I will need to se some form of ID to prove that this is the case.

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