Ormstunga (Serpent’s Tongue)

serpents tongueThis single handed, single edged Norse sword is named Ormstunga (serpent’s tongue).

The patternwelded blade has a convoluted serpent running up the blade winding backward and forward. The pattern is based upon the pattern on a sword in the British Museum that has fascinated me for a long time, with a similar serpent pattern in it. It is a complicated bit of patternwelding to reproduce.

Ormstunga is also a very fast light sword , capable of flicking quickly out and back like a serpents tongue.

The Patternwelded blade is constructed from 3 major bars . A 14 layer Striped bar at the spine and then a convoluted serpent bar writhing backwards and forwards along the blade. The edge material is 700 layer piled and folded steel on edge to see laters on the blade. The pattern has a simplicity that stands against the complexity of the serpent patternwelding.

The guard is cast in bronze with carved detailing and dot patterns.

serpents Tongue handle

The handle is leather wrapped over wood. The leatherwork on the handle and the leather over wood sheath are made By Tod from Tod’s Stuff. The sword belt will need holes made in it and this can be done to suit the sword’s owner.

Materials: 15 n20 Carbon steel, EN42J carbon steel, bronze and leather over wood handle. The sheath is leather poplar wood and is wool lined The belt fittings are bronze.

The blade is 23 inches long, 1 ¾ inches wide at the guard and 6mm thick at the guard.

The sword is 30.5 inches overall.

The sword weighs 1lb 15oz.

This is now sold if you would like something similar please email below.

serpents Tongue tip serpents tongue sheath.

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