Patternwelded Viking Sword

This Double edged Viking sword is patternwelded from 3 bars of steel, 2 twisted bars of 7 layers twisted clockwise and then anticlockwise. The 700 layer edge is wrapped around the core bars and shows subtle patterning on each side in contrast to the twists. I really like patternwelding that has elements that can be seen from a distance and then subtle patterning in the steel that draw you in. Metalwork you can get lost in.

The guard is made from patternwelded steel, forged and heavily etched to emulate striped inlay. The handle is leather over wood.

The sword has a good balance to it and would be a great cutter , without feeling too blade heavy.

The blade is 29 inches long,  4.5mm thick at the guard, and 2 inches wide. The sword is 35.5 inches long over all.

Point of balance is 5 inches into the blade.

The sword weighs 2lb and 9oz.

I can have a sheath made for this sword please enquire for a price.

THIS IS NOW SOLD . Please enquire regarding similar swords.

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