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Weight forward “Japanese” style bladesmiths forging hammers.

These bladesmithing hammers are individually hand forged from carbon steel and each one is differentially hardened and tempered to have a resilient face and shock absorbing body.

I have been using and making weight forward hammers for some time now and find that they have real advantages over ordinary blacksmithing hammers when used for bladesmithing.

I would use these hammers on a higher than normal anvil and find that the self aligning offset head aids in attaining consistent ding free bevels. I also find forging with these hammers is easier on my body and feels less fatiguing than forging with a standard blacksmiths’ hammer.

3 lb hammer

These are job specific hammers and not suited for the general tasks of turning decorative work, they do however excel at the singular task of forging blades.

Although this type of hammer is now almost extinct in the modern world they were very prevalent across many cultures and crafts, they are referred to as dogs head hammers or cutlers’ hammers and were used in antiquity by swordsmiths, cutlers, bladesmiths, saw doctors and file makers the world over.

My hammers come lightly crowned so as to minimize marking, however if you really want to perfect your forged blade bevels I would recommend “tuning” your forging hammer to your own personal hammering technique.

Tuning your hammer involves observing the marks you leave when you are forging bevels, you then gently remove the area on the hammer face that is leaving marks with a belt sander….gently! Repeat this process of observing your hammer marks and tuning your hammer until you are leaving a ding free surface when you forge bevels in.

1 1/2lb hammer

By tuning your hammer to you individual forging style you make it into a very personal tool. DO NOT LET ANYBODY ELSE FORGE WITH IT !!

All weights are nominal and vary a little as the hammers are hand forged.

Hammers come fitted with ash or hickory handles and are soaked in linseed oil for long life.

Prices :

1.5lb       £115.00    (plus postage)
2lb          £120.00   (plus postage)
2.5lb       £125.00   (plus postage)
3lb          £130.00   (plus postage)
4lb          £150.00   (plus postage)

I am also happy to supply just hammer heads, with no handle.

For purchasing and information please contact Owen here.

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